4 Ways to Save on Your Heating Oil Costs

With rising and fluctuating fuel oil and energy costs it is smart to try to reduce heating oil costs. These 4 ways to save on your heating oil costs will help you save money and heating oil resources while keeping warm over the New Jersey winter months. We’ve taken some of our posts to Facebook and combined the tips posted into this guide to save on heating oil costs for your New Jersey home.

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4 Ways to Save on Your Heating Oil Costs

1. Proper Maintenance

Call for a checkup. Proper maintenance will help your heating unit run more efficiently. Electric and oil heaters should get professional attention at least once a year and gas heaters every other year. A yearly service plan is a great way to make sure proper maintenance is completed on your heating oil system. Also, here’s a step you can take all on your own: Remember to check the filters in your heating system and make sure they’re clean and clear. Dirty filters lead to higher heating costs.

2. Radiators

Keep furniture away from radiators. The foam in upholstered furniture is a very effective heat insulator and prevents it getting into your room.

3. Check for Drafts

Light a candle. Not for warmth, but for the purpose of doing a little sleuth work. Hold the flame near windows, doors and light fixtures and look for smoke moving in a horizontal direction. If you see it, that means you’ve spotted an air leak, and it likely means heat is escaping your home easily. To solve that problem, install some low-cost caulking or weather-stripping, or consider adding some insulating material.

4. Bathroom Fans

Turn bathroom fans off as quickly as possible to prevent heat loss. If they are on a timer, adjust the timer so that it is not running longer than it needs to be (this will also cut down on electricity consumption).

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